Friday, 15 February 2013

Last-Week Links: 15 February 2013

I'm a little bit light on the links this week. I'm going off for two weeks next Wednesday and a massive to-do list combined with an apparent inability to be able to get out of bed in the morning anymore doesn't equate to good browsing.

Thank goodness then for Karen Walker, a designer whose work always seems to delight me, even when I'm at my most frazzled. Calivintage featured catwalk shots from her New Rose collection shown at New York Fashion Week. A few years ago, Walker looked to the Northern Soul movement for inspiration and for this latest collection she's back in the UK again, this time quoting the world of The Damned and Siouxsie Sioux in the late 1970s. I don't quite get how this translates to this collection which is seemingly full of librarian style tweeds with pops of bright orange and neon, but I love it nonetheless.

Perhaps my favourite new job description of the week is "hairdo archaeologist", the description described to Janet Stephens in this fascinating Wall Street Journal article. Through a bit of curiosity and ingenuity, Stephens has managed to turn ideas about Roman women's hairstyles (appropriately enough) on their head. A regular hairdresser by profession she was inspired by a statue of an empress to recreate the ancient Roman hairstyle for herself. She discovered it was only possible to create such elaborate styles with a needle and thread but - crucially - that it was possible and therefore disproving all the archaeologists who thought Roman and Greel women must have worn elaborate wigs. Going back to the original ancient manuscripts, she realised the term for the equipment used to create such dos had been mistranslated as 'hairpin' when, in fact, it actually meant something more like needle and thread. A very clever lady. You can see her recreating the hair of the Vestal Virgins here. Probably a lot more accurate than Vidal Sassoon's Greek God cut.


More link goodness courtesy of I Love Her Style who drew my attention to the Sofia Coppola interview with Lee Radziwill for the New York Times. She's shown here with her sister, Jackie Onassis, and Lee Radziwill's style is every bit as enviable. It's the kind of interview that sends you on an epic google session (perhaps that's why I've not got as much done as I'd like this week): hanging out with Truman Capote and Peter Beard, sleeping on the Rolling Stone's tour bus and finding Mick Jagger "a little repulsive". It was also Radziwill who introduced her aunt "Big Edie" and cousin "Little Edie" to the filmakers Albert and David Maysles, resulting in the Grey Gardens documentary (and, of course, it was Radziwill and Onassis who gave the Beale's the fund to stabilise their decaying home).

I also found myself looking at pictures of Lee at work this week, as this gorgeous ensemble, by Italian designer Mila Schön - worn by Radziwill to Truman Capote's famous 1966 Black and White Ball - is now in the collection of the V&A.

On Tuesday, I crammed myself into the Social to see the great new young hopes of old fashioned rock n roll, The Strypes. It's brilliantly catchy stuff that just makes you want to dance - much like I imagine an early Stones might be, though thankfully less "repulsive". It was so rammed there wasn't that much space to dance sadly, and I spent most of the time being elbowed by pretty wannabee groupies trying to get a closer look at the band, a sign they are probably destined for big things.

Despite all being around 16 years old, The Strypes already had the sharp suits and shades look down, and made me want to sharpen up my act too. One woman who definitely knows her rock and roll 60s style is chef Gizzi Erskine. So, it's no surprise I devoured this guide to her favourite vintage shops.

No more links for a little bit, as I'm heading to Cuba for a fortnight and I very much hope I'll be spending my time with rum/coffee/a big fat cigar in my hand rather than looking at the internet. On my return, you can no doubt expect lots of links to rum/coffee/big fat cigars, and hopefully some 1950s-esque delights, Havana style too. Huzzah.

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