Friday, 1 February 2013

Last-Week Links: 1 February 2013

Thank god it's Friday; thank god it's February. Hey folks, look, we made it through January. Now just more cold to come, coupled with the realisation that a new year might not necessarily bring an entirely new you, before we finally make it to spring and a decent amount of daylight each day ... sigh. So, I've tried to make this email as full as cheering new (old) things as possible.

The gorgeous Betty magazine girls linked to Steidl's almighty new three volume set of William Eggleston's Los Alamos photographs, taken in the United States between 1965 and 74. It looks like a fascinating - and beautiful glimpse into a rapidly changing country. Better start saving up for the £220 price tag then.

More books: Abebooks, who I sometimes feel I fund with my out-of-control secondhand book buying published their 100 most searched for out-of-print books. It's an oddball kind of list, with Madonna's Sex being (perhaps appropriately) on top, and competing with the likes of Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley and a book on crochet lace. I was pleasantly surprised to see Cecil Beaton's The Glass of Fashion on there at at number 52 which has made me guiltily take my copy off my shelf and actually start reading it.

Something which sounds like a hilarious read is number 83, Birds of Britain by John D. Green. It features some of the time 'birds' of Swinging London in the 60s, such as Chrissie Shrimpton - sister of Jean and former lover of Mick Jagger. See this and more images from the book at the Glamour a go-go blog. The title also made it onto Lena Dunham's Ideal Bookshelf - shame that copies go for £80 plus.

Cheaper fun: putting things in the post. I wrote about a great pigeon post scheme on Domestic Sluttery this week and one of the comments on the post linked to this video. Apparently Paul Smith, the designer, has been receiving mysterious unwrapped things in the post from an unknown sender for the last twenty years. This is the trailer for a great sounding short film, PS Your Mystery Sender by Benjamin Wigley, all about Sir Paul's unusual postal gifts.

If you want more fun for free, visit a museum. Here's Edie Campbell looking beautiful at the V&A, shot by Alisdair McLellan for 032 Magazine. I found the shot via It's Nice That; I recognised the V&A through over-familiarity. But it's a nice reminder that I should leave my desk and the internet and walk around the Museum more. And a reminder that I would really like a nice red and white checked jumper.

And finally, something else I need to save my pennies for. Hot on the heels of Orla Kiely (I'm wearing my top today), another of my favourite print designers, Celia Birtwell is producing a collection for Uniqlo. Coming this March, it apparently features some 70s prints alongside some newer designs, and I'm sure I'll want the lot.

Turns out I could probably do with a pay rise, as well as some cheering up, this February.

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