Thursday, 1 January 2009

Who is Last-Year Girl?

Hello! I'm Frances. I'm an editor and writer based in London. I love vintage style and retro fashion and design. I've been writing Last-Year Girl since 2009.

What topics do you write about?
Books, especially vintage fashion books. And fashion, especially vintage fashion.
I also write about stylish women, music, design, shops and my adventures in London and beyond.

What posts should I read first? 
A few of my favourites are: Early 1940s Fashions in A Time To Be BornThe Life of a 1930s model in Clothes PegsLast-Year Girl: Peggy MoffittStreet Corner SoulLast-Year Reads: The Fashionable Mind and Last-Year Reads: Lilly Daché's Glamour Book.

How can I ask you a question? 
You can follow me on Twitter @francesambler, or email me here.

Where else do you write? 
I'm currently a contributing editor for the magazine The Simple Things. I write daily for Retro To Go. I was one of the writers on The Rough Guide To Vintage London (published May 2013). I wrote for, as well as editing for a year, Domestic Sluttery.  I've also written for Sky Lifetime, Oh Comely, Metro, Mollie MakesBoutique Hotels and

I also worked as a project editor at the V&A Museum for over ten years. I worked on books including Dior, Balenciaga, The A to Z of Style, British Design from 1948, (my personal favourite) Horrockses Fashions and many, many more. I have recently copyedited Vintage Fashion Complete for Thames & Hudson: out October 2014, and surely the definitive book for any vintage fashion lover.

What if I want more?
You can follow me on Instagram for pictures of (mainly) old books and travel adventures. I also write a second blog, Fancies, full of shiny new fashion and homewares. You can take a look at that here.

Thanks for reading!
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