Wednesday, 16 February 2011

French Navy: Sonia's Blue Sailor Dress

If you've read my bio on Domestic Sluttery, or indeed this blog, or are lucky enough to see my Facebook pictures, you'll realise that I quite enjoy dressing like a sailor. Navy stripes, old-fashioned tattoo emblems, retro shorts: sign me up for all of the above please. Seagull accessories sometimes too. It's no surprise then that my heart skipped a little quicker when I saw this blue sailor dress from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.

Slightly gimmicky yes, but it's girlishly fun. Its loose shape and easy style makes me think of 1920s-style frolics by the French Riviera. It makes me long for carefree days of running around barefoot on the beach. In short, it creates all those sort of fantasies that make me love the nautical look so much.

It is a saddening £325 so I severely doubt it will end up anywhere near either my wardrobe or indeed the beach. It provides an excellent excuse, however, to play one of my favourite songs, itself with a lovely video which has lots of romantic connotations for me (some involving sailor costumes). Sigh.

I've got the day off on Friday so I'm hoping to make a little pilgrimage to the coast. I'll report back, though I don't think February in the UK offers too much opportunity to run around barefoot...


  1. Yum! Nice dress... was a little depressed after watching the video though. Rather bittersweet that one.

    I hope you enjoy your day off and do get to twiddle your toes in the sand at least :)

  2. It is a very bittersweet song - I tend to forget it as I associate it with a really nice time in my life. Hope it didn't depress you too much and all otherwise is going well with you!

    Fingers crossed seaside trip is going ahead tomorrow. Just need to worry about the weather now...

  3. That dress is gorgeous. So perfect for holidays - I could eat and eat and it would skim over my mufin top ;)

    I've never heard this song before but it's beautiful. About to download it now so thanks for posting it! x

  4. Glad you like the dress and the song Louise! You should have a listen to the album French Navy is from, My Maudlin Career - it's full of beautiful songs that will break your heart.


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