Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Here comes the summer

I first wrote about Summer Camp back in April last year and my teenage style crush is still as strong as ever. I've seen them a couple of times more: supporting Frankie and Heartstrings (also at the Lexington) and at Bestival. They've started adding vintage slides to their set - kind of like the Trachtenburg Family Slide Show Players with a little less kookiness and fewer songs about eggs - and I've also invested in their EP Youth. As well as the still-lovely Ghost Train, it has some great songs which grow on further acquaintance with their lyrics. At the moment I'm certainly feeling Veronika Sawyer's call of "I'll never be young again." I'm seeing them tonight, along with Los Campesinos in an indie-spectacular double billing.

Their nostalgic feel is further enhanced by their music artwork and their videos - take a look at this epic for Round the Moon.

If you're going to the gig tonight, I recommend staying far away from me - I'll probably be swaying too much, singing along badly and mourning my lost youth with a tear in my eye.

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