Friday, 23 August 2013

Last-Week Links: 23 August 2013

I've spending less time on the internet and more time in real life week for a very important reason: my sister got married yesterday. The wedding was simple and very happy - in short, the loveliest kind of wedding. My dad and I perhaps got a bit carried away with celebrating, and there's a few sore heads today. Hopefully a walk along the seafront later will help sort that out!

I'm back in my teenage bedroom, the same room that inspired this post. So, it seems fitting that several of the posts I've found this week are 90s nostalgia tinged too. I've spent too long scrolling through Old Loves, found via It's Nice That, featuring pairings of old flames from the 1990s (and 80s, 70s, 60s and 50s too). From the early nineties I read about Sarah Lucas and Tracey Emin's Brick Lane shop and Jay McInerney's gushing portrait of ChloĆ« Sevigny.

ChloĆ« also popped up in Style Bubble's post about 90s style bible Cheap Date. While I do own the glossy Cheap Date Guide to Style, I don't have the earlier compilation volume Susie talks about - of course, I had to order it, along with Vogue's More Dash Than Cash, also mentioned in the post.

After I get through that little lot, I'd like to read The Fashion Conspiracy, as featured on Fashion Editor At Large, although I've got rather distracted by all the new and interesting fashion blogs as mentioned on the Style Bubble links post. And Charlie Porter's post on The Mechanical Smile reminded me that I should probably take that off my shelf and do something other than flick through the marvellous pictures - even this tiny glimpse has made me think again about what I know about modelling.

Skipping ahead the 1950s modelling world now so idolised, the Guardian featured this profile of Barbara Mullen, now long faded from public view though whose face features on hundreds of images that now have become public currency on the internet, the images that feed an audience "strangely nostalgic about the kind of beauty it values" as the article puts it. From the same era, I liked this profile of fashion illustrator Hilda Glasgow on Sammy Davis Vintage, whose illustrations are now available to buy - for those people nostalgic for this type of style on The White Cabinet.

In terms of modern fashion photography, I've been a long time admirer of the work of Shona Heath (somewhere in my piles of press cuttings I know I have a torn-out photograph of her home featuring an amazing dolls house), so no surprise I enjoyed this brief profile of her work.

Wedding happiness aside, I feel this year has been extra tough on lots of people I know and love. The wonderful Sara of Domestic Sluttery posted a link to this wonderful letter "concerning low spirits" from 1820, advice which seems every bit as soon today. I favour number 3, amusing books.

And Elvis.

I featured the Opening Ceremony Elvis collection last week, and this week I'm all all shook up by Ashley Williams' Autumn/Winter 13 collection. I want a "My Heart Belong to Elvis Presley" T-Shirt so badly. I'd be happy with this whole ensemble actually.

Have a lovely weekend, doing whatever make you feel the most joyful with life. And British readers can take cheer in the fact it's an extra long one too. Enjoy.

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