Thursday, 8 August 2013

Last-Year Buys: 1940s Fashion, Cobra Cork Swedish Hasbeens wedges and Louisetta Bertie flats

New shoes! New shoes! Red and Pink and Blue shoes. Perhaps learning that poem as a child had more influence on me than I thought - my shoe choices definitely tend to be on the colourful side.

But I do also enjoy a certain stomp-along-like-that shoe, especially in the pleasing shapes of a Swedish Hasbeens sandal. These Cobra cork wedges are my fourth pair to date. The design is apparently 1930s-inspired but I'm walking around in them, pretending I'm one of the characters in A Time To Be Born.

My other current obsession is Mexicana glamour: bright colourful prints and pretty embroidery. I'm looking at this 40s-style Mexican dress quite a lot. I decided to take the party to my feet with these Louisetta loafers from Bertie.

My handy shoe perching place is a new book purchase: 1940s Fashion (of course!). Subtitled 'The Definitive Sourcebook', it's a great visual compendium of fashions of the period. I've only flicked through so far and ummed and ahhed over the picture but, to my disappointment, I noticed quite a few mistakes when I glanced through their bibliography, eagerly searching for more reading matter. I suspect it's because it was put right in at the end, when time was very tight, but it does make me trust the information in the rest of the text a little less - a shame. Lots of lovely things to look at nonetheless.

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