Friday, 9 August 2013

Last-Week Links: 9 August 2013

Happy Friday! Somehow another week has whizzed by. I spent last Friday evening at the cinema watching Frances Ha. With a film dealing with female friendships, based in New York and a main character named after me, there was always going to be a high chance I enjoyed this film. For the first ten minutes or so I thought I'd hate it. Luckily it won me over, phew!, to the extent that when I came out the cinema and wanted to embrace all my friends and kiss the London pavement (instead I went and ate dumplings). Jane Brocket's piece on the film eloquently captures what I liked so much about it - the scene when Frances is running and dancing down the street to Bowie's 'Modern Love' is perfect. For once, I didn't spend the film thinking about the clothes, though I liked the piece on Fashion Editor as Large about them. Rookie's interview with Greta Gerwig is fab and refreshingly honest too.

So, that was my Friday night. On Saturday, I headed over to Peckham to meet up with some friends who live there. It was the day after this piece appeared in the Evening Standard, and the day before one called "South East London's cooler than Shoreditch - Just Don't Tell Anyone" on Never Undressed. Sorry, the secret is definitely out - though I'm not sure how cool it is anymore. We ended up sheltering in a (very lovely) pub, as all of Peckham's most name-checked bars were completely over-run with people. The scene on the high street as I waited for my bus home was crazy - a massive queue to get into the Bussey Building, drunk people staggering all over the road. It didn't feel cool in the slightest. Also this week, Below The River discussed gentrification in Brixton, with the opening of a champagne and cheese bar, and I've recently heard quite a few stories about local residents being priced out of my area of south east London. It's hard to know what I want - I'm guilty of clapping my hands with excitement at the opening of any cool new bars or eateries. And, of course, I'm happy if the value of my flat increases. However, this frenzied level of change seems unsustainable for everyone.

Shall I move onto some pretty things instead? Celia Birtwell is doing another collection for Uniqlo (no doubt coming to a south east London high street near you soon). I love the scarves and this top, and can imagine the bunfight there will be for this dress when the collection is released on 22 August.

This lookbook for The Shiny Squirrel shop, using illustrations by Samantha Hahn is stunning (via Honey Kennedy), and my heart was warmed by the story of Moziah Bridges and his Mo's Bows.

There has been plenty of interiors inspiration too. Orla Kiely's home is every bit as lust-worthy as you expect it to be - and refreshingly 'normal' looking too (via Where is Harriet?). Meanwhile beautiful Hannah and her beautiful home received a visit from The Selby this week.

For vintage treats, I'm so pleased Adore Vintage featured these Life photographs of 1950s hot rod girls.

Let's wind up a busy week, with this typically retro video from Summer Camp, as featured on Mademoiselle Robot.

Enjoy the weekend!

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