Monday, 6 May 2013

New Things: Mimi bag, Paisie jewellery, Kurt Geiger Melissa shoes and River Island Polka Dot Shirt

Perhaps it's because of the all the old things I've been looking at recently, but all the things I've acquired recently are new and shiny things. New and very shiny in several cases.

Let's start with the shiniest: the gold Melissa shoes from Kurt Geiger, bought in a sale on Shoescribe. They've got an excellent "I'm a grown-up" tip tap, but look like they've been beamed in from some 60s vision of the future. My kind of shoe then.

The other very shiny bits are some new pieces that Paisie were kind enough to send me after I wrote about them on Domestic Sluttery. Pictured are their golden collar clips and the golden collar necklace. I wrote that the necklace made me want to eat ice cream. Since owning the necklace, I've eaten ice cream. It's clearly a powerful piece of jewellery.

River Island's Polka Dot Dolly Shirt was bought when I was back at my parent's for Easter purely because it was in the sale and it exactly matched the Marimekko Converse trainers I was wearing. It brings me great joy to wear them all at the same time.

Finally, in a vague attempt not to dress like a crazy person or a small child who is allowed to dress herself, I got this gorgeous Elsie bag from a Mimi Berry sample sale. I fall more in love with it with each stroke of the leather. Not an old thing, but hopefully something that will last me many, many years.

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