Friday, 17 May 2013

Last-Week Links: 17 May 2013

Having the courage to follow your own convictions is a trait I admire - easier said than done of course. Perhaps it's that stage in my life (captured perfectly in this blog post by Johanna), but I'm spending a lot of time recently trying to work out what I do want, and also if my definition of being true to myself sometimes isn't just complete bloody mindedness. It can't really be a coincidence that all the posts I've picked up on this week are independent thinkers and doers. And some, I imagine, are pretty bloody minded too.

I'll stop with my riddles and show you this, one of my favourite Selby visits ever featuring Philip Oakley and Olivia Yip of Oakley Illuminations. Their house is crammed full of illuminations and other kitsch delights like disco balls and pineapple ice buckets. And I loved their loo: it looks like a cosy spot to spend some time! All this, and they live by the seaside in St Leonards. Utter envy on my part (perhaps I should stop doing all this talking about the seaside and just go and live there).

I wouldn't be the only one heading seaside-wards. One of South London's most famous and best loved residents, the Horniman Walrus, is going to Margate for a special exhibition. The Horniman Museum acted on this bit of - potentially non-too-exciting - news with brilliant spirit. The move was live blogged, while fans could find out more from the Walrus's (hilarious) Twitter account. Read a few of his tweets and you'll realise I'm not stretching the definition of "independent thinkers" by including him in this link list.

The museum world will be celebrating the life and style of fashion maverick Isabella Blow with an exhibition this November at Somerset House. And, in a change from Karlie Kloss/Arizona Muse/Cara Delevingne, the faces of Proenza Schouler's latest womenswear line are the band Deerhunter. While thanks to Kurt the sight of a man with a guitar in a dress is far less unexpected, I think such a high gloss brand doing it is. But Bradford and Moses do seem to find something in the clothes that chimes with them - the imagery is more theatrical than provocative, and I certainly looked at it for longer than I spend on most advertising.

Devoted readers who know more about my life than I do, may remember that last summer I went to see Atlas Sound, Bradford Cox of Deerhunter's solo project. Bradford was being by turns awkward and stubborn before blowing me away with an amazing cover of "Your Cheating Heart", originally written by Hank Williams. Hank Williams also features on this playlist (found via Cool Hunting) devoted to the films of the man who populates his films entirely with oddballs, Wes Anderson. How many times a day can you listen to "Where Do You Go To My Lovely?" without completely losing it, do you reckon? I seem to be testing that out.

Finally, keen supporters of independent magazines, Stack, are giving away archive copies of some of their great magazines this Saturday. I recommend getting down there and discovering some fantastic new voices.

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