Friday, 31 May 2013

Last-Week Links: 31 May 2013

Though the weather gods may be trying to tell us otherwise, I've checked my calendar and it's definitely June today, and therefore time to plan some summer adventures. The New Yorker shared some bonkers brilliant 1930s images of Robert Ripley - of "Believe It Or Not" fame - but has been dentist's waiting room favourite, National Geographic which really caught my imagination. Thanks to Frankie, I found Found, a tumblr of 125 years of archive photos from the magazine, including this lush image of Hawaii, shot by Paul Zahl in June 1959. I'd really like to be heading off to Hawaii this summer, my desire fuelled also by Rachel's travels, and a post on resort fashion and Blue Hawaii on Dividing Moments.

Thoughts on travel obviously require thoughts on a new summer wardrobe. There were some great retro-styled suggestions on Yesterday Girl, though if we're talking clothes wishes, I'm still in love with this 1940s playsuit with skirt. It came from Miss Bamboo - a brilliant shop for fantasy Hawaii dressing.

Of course a holiday would also require some magazines to idly flick through on the beach. I enjoyed Susie Bubble's thoughts on Vogue Girl Korea, and the scope for allowing more depth and detail in fashion and teenage magazines. While there seems to be an every growing number of independent magazines, I'm not convinced they all manage to justify their existence as an object: I want my magazine to be more than a printed blog. There are a couple of launches I'd be curious to read though: Bristol-based Another Escape, themed around following your own inspiration, and Bertie from Vice's The Mushpit, though I suspect it might make me feel very old indeed.

Before I have that meltdown, I'll remind myself of three great pieces on three women who have each influenced the world of fashion in their own way, and at ages beyond their 20s. Teenage republished its post on Carmen dell'Orefice, famous for being fashion's oldest working model. This photograph shows her aged just 16. Meanwhile, T Magazine featured an in-depth interview with Miuccia Prada, and the Wall Street Journal asked about what's going to happen to Anna Piaggi's collection. Lucky Judith Clark for getting to explore those Worth dresses and Ballet Russes costumes and goodness knows what else.

I'll finish this week's round up with some things that are purely for fun. I love this skirt from &Other Stories, produced in association with illustrator Alyson Fox. I think a bag from the collection pops up in this shoot for the brand featuring Elisa Nalin (who also featured in yesterday's turban post), photographed by  Tamu of All The Pretty Birds.

As a young teenager, Judy Blume's Forever taught me more about sex than I ever would have thought to have asked. It's getting a live reading at the Royal Court on June 14. I think I'd still blush.

And this.

And, of course, I found it through the mighty Suri's Burn Book. Happy weekend.


  1. Loved the Susie Bubble article as well! I wish more magazines in the UK were like that - it seems a little more inspiring than our teenage offerings.

    1. And our grown-up offerings too! I'm clearly going to have to learn how to read Korean.

  2. I stumbled upon this page in a search for any info about the first wife of my father. She was a model, about whom speaking in our house was verboten! Her name was (I believe) April Clark. Do you know where I might find any info about her? She was busy in the early 1940's I believe.

    1. Hello, I'm so sorry for the delay in replying to your comment It got lost in the system somewhere. Are you based in the UK or elsewhere? I have a couple of books I can recommend that might point you in a useful direction. Send me an email at lastyeargirl[AT]gmail[dot]com and I'll do my best to help!


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