Friday, 5 October 2012

Last-Year Travels: Turkey

I took a holiday: from this place, from work, from the rain. Needless to say, it was really nice. We  went to Turkey and travelled around for a couple of weeks going from Istanbul to the crazy lunar landscapes of Cappadocia, to the backpacker beach at Olympus and back up to the Istanbul again. 

Almost every view we saw, whether city or sea or landscape, seemed to be stunning. It's taking me a while to fall back in love with London's vistas again. 

I went up in my first ever hot air balloon over Goreme. Once I'd got the Half Man, Half Biscuit lyrics out of my head and got over my fear of heights, it was amazing. It's really gentle and not scary at all, even for scaredy cats like me. 

The colours in the Rose Valley were exquisite: my crappy camera does not do them justice. Beautiful, rippled, ice cream-like mountains. 

A little turtle. We saw these every time we went down to the beach at Olympus, nesting amidst the old ruins. We saw one of its big brothers too, on a day we went out on a boat, he was sticking his wise old head out of the sea. 

And Turkish tea, taken at every opportunity we could.

It all feels like another lifetime ago already. 


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