Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Last-Week Girl: 26 August 2012 (a bank holiday special)

This bank holiday I was lucky enough to escape up to Edinburgh for the last weekend of the festival. I went to Edinburgh for university and my return visits always make me strangely melancholic and makes me myself ask all kind of panicked questions: why did I leave? What would my life be like if I'd stayed? Do I want to be where I am now? Those feelings were heightened this time as I travelled up with a group who largely hadn't visited before and I got to see the city again through their weary London eyes. I tried to grasp at some answers to the way I was feeling on the train on the way back but in the end, typically, I fell asleep.

The festival itself was magnificent and I wasn't as much as a mopey cow as that first paragraph might suggest. Josie Long was magnificent and made me want to do, you know, THINGS, I was picked on for the first time in a comedy show while watching Paul Foot and survived, and Daniel Kitson was great finale to the events (closely followed by the chips and salt and sauce we had on the way back to our flat). Other highlights were an amazing meal at 21212 for one of our groups 30th, with possibly the best cheese board I've ever had the pleasure of consuming. We then dragged our cheese feverish bodies up Arthur's Seat where the view was a predictably beautiful and breathtaking and confusing as ever.


  1. I love Edinburgh - spent the whole festival month there one year and had an amazing time. It seems like a lovey place to live but I guess it is a question of whether you could work there.

    Interesting about the COS mag - I had thought it was very 'insprired' by the Gentlewoman, which would have been quite an H&M thing to do!

    1. Ah, yes - if you could land yourself an interesting job in Edinburgh it would be pretty much the perfect place to live - though the cold! the cold! Not sure if I could go through all that again...


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