Sunday, 4 December 2011

Last-Year Buys: A Haynes Lane Market special

I moved flats again this week, this time to Camberwell where I'll hopefully stay until my own flat purchase goes through (everything crossed). With most of my prettiest stuff in storage, I went out hunting today for cheap thrills that would brighten up my room, and life. My first stop was Brixton Village, but alas their shops weren't going it for me today so I travelled on to Crystal Palace and Haynes Lane Market. Haynes Lane Market is a smaller version of one of my favourite places in the UK, Hemswell Antiques: both offer lots of different antique, vintage and general bric-a-brac under one roof and are excellent for a Sunday afternoon rummage. Here's what I bought:

A cheap retro mirror, so I can actually see what I look like before I leave the house (and experiment with the heated rollers I bought on Friday). The little wicker case in front is one of my all time favourite second-hand buys: it's been holding my make-up since my Edinburgh days. A dotty scarf that was my Grandma's is also helping brighten up the chest of drawers.

These glasses might be given as a Christmas present to one of my friends from the Shire (Lincolnshire, obviously), or they might stay with me - you know I love a bit of seaside holiday tat.

And finally, I can't wait to get going on this huge Zelda Fitzgerald biography by Nancy Milford. Unlikely to 'brighten' my life, I'm sure I'll find it fascinating.


  1. My mum had that exact same little wicker basket when I was little to hold her perfumes! I've actually just let out a little yelp of recognition.
    New to your blog but liking it lots.

  2. Thanks Kim! I honestly don't know what I'd do without that case - it's been through a lot (and a lot of make-up) with me. Hope your mum still has hers!


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