Saturday, 24 December 2011

So Last-Year: YSL poppy print

Not the most seasonal of posts but my pre-travel up north routine at Kings Cross was interrupted by spotting this fantastic piece of poppy pattern. It was on the cover of Glamour, being worn by Tulisa, and I had to force my way through the crowds to surreptitiously flick through a copy (not buy it, oh no). Having found it was the YSL Resort collection and then found my seat on the train, I saw the same playsuit again in my Vogue: this time being worn by Agyness Dean as part of a photo shoot that's full of fantastic patterns and colours accessorised with some wonderful sunglasses. 

The playsuit's print, combined with the cheeky update on the 1940s silhouette sums up all sorts of clothes I've been dreaming about since reading The Beautiful Fall. Yes, that book again, and I will keep mentioning it until everyone tells me that they've also read it. 

Net-a-Porter are selling the blouse, in a red and yellow, version (I think I prefer the blue). If only I had £730 to spare. 

All the poppies remain me of my parent's beloved J&G Meakin coffee set. The design dates to the early 1970s, and their set was a wedding gift (aww). They clearly hid it from my grasping fingers - this image comes from China Search as I couldn't find it in their cupboards to photograph myself. Nothing says Christmas like rifling through your elderly parents cupboards to look for something you want to take from them, eh? 

Have a very lovely Christmas everyone. 

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