Friday, 26 November 2010

So Last-Year: Mad Men yourself

This is old news now (just my kind of news) but I recently revisited MadMenYourself. There's been some pretty intensive Mad Men watching going on in our flat recently and we're now half way through series three. I'd caught the odd episode before and was swooning over the frock and the sideboards. Now I actually care a bit too much about the characters and caught myself trying to tell someone Peggy's story as genuine fact. Oh dear.

Anyway, here I am Mad Men style.

I'm sadly more of a Peggy than a Betty (Cher from Clueless would agree) but I'm at least successful at multi-tasking: cigs, shopping and Joan's accordion in my hands.

And here is the lovely Mr S. Something of the Paul Kinsey about him don't you think? I think he actually has a very similar cardigan to this in real life too.

To continue the Mad Men obsession I quite fancy checking out this Betty and Joan paper doll set that I wrote about for Retro To Go.

Perfect to inspire you ahead of the inevitable Friday cocktail hour (I wish!).

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