Monday, 18 March 2013

My Old China (and badges)

Perhaps it's down to the Living Etc tours but I've been tackling putting my house in order with renewed vigour and this weekend I crossed off loads of those fiddly tasks which have been hanging round my to-do list for ages. Job one: my favourite china cabinet (as cited in the Domestic Sluttery book) got a bit smashed up in a particularly traumatic house move. It's now looking super fancy again, thanks to some spray mount and one of Esme Winter's gorgeous papers which shows off my Babycham glasses and colourful charity shop teaset to their full advantage.

My Mini Moderns Festival plates got a permanent home too due to the wonder that are invisible plate hangers. They're up there with a couple of car boot finds, my old fruit bowl (too pretty to be hidden by bananas and lemons) and a selection from my badge collection.

My collection of black and white prints in my hallway grows too. One postcard from the William Klein exhibition, and one from the Vogue postcard set looking all snazzy in some Ikea numbers.

And my intercom looks a lot prettier too, thanks to the distraction of a Meakin Poodles plate. Next step: bookcases. I'm finally getting some this week and then, hopefully, that will be the end of stuff in brown boxes. Slowly getting there...

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  1. You framed your Vogue postcards!

    1. Just the one that fitted in my black and white colour scheme! The rest are intact and ready for inscribing with exciting messages.


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