Friday, 22 March 2013

Last-Week Links: 22 March 2013

Cuba already seems like such a long time ago. People have stopped telling me how well I look; rum is no longer the default answer to any question. But - unlike Jodie Foster in this picture - I'm trying to cling on.

One of my holiday books for this year was The House of Gucci, a warts and all account of the various feuds and the murder which tore the family of Gucci apart. (I also read Just My TypeThe Casual VacancyInfante's Inferno and The Year of Magical Thinking.) Aside from all the scandal in the book, there was, of course, the fashion too, especially the luxurious leather work which is seen as such a hallmark of Italian style. One of the company's staples is the Horsebit loafer. It's made them millions but to me is something of a symbol of the excess of eurotrash style. Unless you are Jodie that is, who would wear them skateboarding as shown in this magnificent picture. It appeared in a post devoted to the Gucci loafer on I Love Your Style. Gucci are currently celebrating the 60th anniversary of the shoe if you are a fan of the style.

Also on a Cuba-related tip, I'm definitely going to try Elsie and Emma's recipe for banana chips, as featured on A Beautiful Mess. These were some of my favourite snacks while I was away.

Do you ever look at PYMCA? It's a great picture library, specialising in youth culture in all its glorious visual forms. We've used a lot of their images in our forthcoming 80s Fashion book, including some by Paul Hartnett. Hartnett is also an avid collector of vintage photography and his collection is now available through the site, dating all the way back to 1850. It includes everything from carefully posed portraits to casual snapshots. Details on each image are scare, forcing you to draw your own conclusion on the subjects. My conclusion on this maid? Pretty cool. She is rocking her plaits and patterned dress.

I don't think a week can go by without a reference to some of my favourite TV shows:

Twin Peaks! Rookie posted an awesome looking recipe for cherry pie doughnuts giving me another excuse to look at some pictures of Coop.

Mad Men! Does this face look familiar? It's a Revlon advert photographed by Richard Avedon and featuring Gita May Hall, a top model of the 1950s and 60s. Hall is suing Mad Men for using this image in their opening credits without her consent. While she doesn't owe the rights to the image, she is arguing she owns the right to her likeness.

Girls! My new obsession. I've only watched the first series so no spoilers please. While I wait to watch the next series, this Wes Anderson-esque short film, Best Friends, made for the Autumn/Winter 2013 Rachel Antonoff collection, filled a little Lena Dunham shaped gap in my life.

Talking of best friends, Google Reader is soon to leave this world, and I have been forced to find a new buddy to share my various blog obsessions. I've jumped on the train departing for Bloglovin - come and hang out with me over there. I can't promise you any Rachel Antonoff clothes, just the usual mix of pretty clothes, interesting books and pop culture.

And it's almost the weekend - brilliant! What are you up to? I'm heading down to Brighton to see the Biba exhibition on Saturday, and then on Sunday going to watch Grimsby Town play at Wembley with my little bro. It's what you might call a weekend of two halves. Whatever you get up to, enjoy!

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