Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Last-Year Sales: Carvela, Converse, Banana Republic and Traffic People

This time of year always feels like a bit of a show and tell in blogs: what did you get in the sales? Well, I'll tell you what I got. Not masses this year but a few bits which I hope will cheer up the start of 2013.

A pair of new sandals from Carvela for an occasion that's definitely cheering up the start of 2013: I've booked to go to Cuba next month. Coffee, cocktails, music and BEACHES; I can't wait! I'm hoping by the end of that holiday my feet will be looking less deathly English pale and more like they belong to someone who has been lucky enough to see the sunshine at some point in her lifetime.

I couldn't resist this collaboration between two of my favourite brands: Converse and Marimekko. Look at those lovely spots. Just one thing bothering me, red or white laces?

Inspired by two wonderful vintage style icons, Diana Vreeland and Lilly Daché, I felt this might be the year I should finally get some of what is often referred to as 'statement jewellery'. My first attempt at such a tricky beast comes from Banana Republic worn here, in this not-at-all-hungover-honest photo taken on New Year's day. And I'm also wearing my turban - an unexpected find in Traffic People and very handy for keeping me toasty for the New Year's Eve fireworks. 2013: the year of the turban. Who would have thought it?


  1. I love your turban. I'm so jealous that I can't wear them without looking like a massive fool. I was hoping for Margot from The Good Life.

    1. I am amazed that I can get away with a turban. I can't pull off the trilbys or floppy hats you do so well though sadly... Discovering I can wear a turban is perhaps one of the best things that happened to me last year (possibly).


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