Friday, 11 January 2013

Last-Week Links: 11 January 2013

My little experiment of a links round up seemed to go alright last week so here are some of the bits and pieces that have been rattling round my head this week.

I'm still working my way through James Baldwin's Another Country. The novel is seemingly soundtracked by the blues of Bessie Smith throughout. It's the sound of the restless, those thousands of people ain't got no place to go". The song perfectly captures feeling at odds with your environment and is also a, perhaps too successful, soundtrack for a spot of self-indulgent January melancholy.

Still in New York, but several decades later and I finally and mournfully finished Mad Men season 5. Not wanting to give any spoilers away if you've successfully avoided them thus far, let's look instead at the beauty that is Megan's outfit choices. I love this blog post which links them back to a 1966 Vogue. I also did what any 21st century devotee would do - immediately created a fan art board on Pinterest. In the process, I lost a lot of time admiring the pop culture inspired illustration of Nan Lawson.

More mid-century fashion inspiration as Overlook are reprinting Claire McCardell's 1956 classic style guide What Shall I Wear? meaning her excellent advice is once again accessible (the original edition now sells for about £150). Susie Bubble did a lovely post on Tuesday about McCardell which is definitely worth a read. As a bonus, you might also be able to find a somewhat gushing comment I left over there.

And also on the matter classic American style, I discovered Amanda Brook's I Love Your Style blog through her post about my most recent read, The Fashion Makers. I'm really pleased that I did. Alongside beautiful scenes of an idyllic England, she posts great style images, be it the The Shrimp in Scholl's or "The Women We Wanted to Look Like" or the bohemian style of Michelle Phillips, shown above.

And finally, moving closer to home though still a pretty alien environment (despite all the episodes of Strictly Come Dancing I've consumed) is this 'Last Tango in Blackpool' clip shown on Taken from the forthcoming Ballroom Dancer film, it features possibly the most tense bit of make-up application I've ever seen...

Hope you've all had good weeks!

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