Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Last-Year Travels: Malham, Yorkshire

My book group isn't terribly good at reading the books we're meant to but we're great at going on lovely weekends away. Last weekend we went, clutching our copies of Shirley, up to Malham in Yorkshire. It was beautiful. These pictures are taken on a walk close to Malham Cove.

Despite the off-putting twenty pages or so of clergymen chat the open the book, and the fact you don't actually get to meet Shirley till about 150 pages in (and her future partner turns up even later), this book, with its great female leads of feisty Shirley and loveable Caroline, won me over. In fact, 'what would Shirley do?' became the motto of the weekend.

I'd like to think Shirley would have spent a weekend away with female friends much as we did: some walking, lots of talking, tasty food and one too many games of "shag, marry or push off a cliff". Or whatever the nineteenth century version of that was.

On more book related chat, we discussed one of my holiday reads, The Rules of Civility, over on Domestic Sluttery this week. It got a definite thumbs up from the ladies (phew!).


  1. Oh I haven't read Shirley! I got mad at my copy of Vilette because large chunks of it are in French, but the translations are end notes rather than footers - after flicking back and forth fifty times in half an hour, I got pissed off and gave up.

    So yes, must read Shirley.

    1. Hum, I feel it's only fair to warn you that large chunks of Shirley are also in French...

  2. My copy of Shirley had a zillion endnotes, so I used two bookmarks - a cinema ticket and its receipt. Worked a treat.


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