Thursday, 1 November 2012

Last-Year Buy: Cos wool circle skirt and Topshop shimmer skirt

Well readers, I bought it. That 'grown-up' wool circle skirt from Cos that I mentioned last week. However, I never thought my grown-up purchase would be so fun to wear. It's full, it's heavy, it swishes in a very satisfactory way as I walk and splays out in a ladylike manner when I sit. Fantastic, until someone plonks themselves down next to me on the train of course.

As if to atone for this fairly sensible buy, I also bought this shimmer skirt, currently in the Topshop sale. A bit of shimmer and sparkle always makes me feel happier on grey days, and I especially love this skirts mermaid-like colour.

Both fall slightly below the knee, my new favourite length and, joy of joys, both skirts have pockets - something in women's clothes, according to Ernestine Carter, we can thank Chanel for.

Chanel, Carter, mermaid and being a grown-up justifications aside, both are great, wearable skirts which I'm looking forward to swooshing round in this Autumn.

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