Friday, 27 January 2012

Last-Year Music: Knickers

With a band name that could have probably come straight out of the mouth of Lynda in Wish You Were Here, a 60s girl group sound and extra points for use of parenthesis in their song title, it's hardly surprising that I'm playing My Baby's Just a Baby (But I Love Him So) by Knickers on repeat. Last night, Mark Riley put it on air straight after Be my Baby and, well, it blew my M&S ready meal out of the water as the highlight of my evening.

There's very little about them online (in fact if you try and google the song the fourth entry is a charming sounding feature entitled 'I had a baby in my pants!') so I'll simply leave you with this image of some pretty amazing under-drawers, courtesy of the wicked Wicked Knickers tumblr.

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