Saturday, 24 September 2011

I'm living in a song by the Shangri-Las

First of all, apologies for the melodramatic wording of my last post, which lead to so many sweet enquiries after me. It's all down to a spot of old-fashioned heartbreak: Mr S and I have split up. As you might have guessed from my posts, it wasn't something I'd expected so the last couple of weeks have been spent in a zombie-like state. Packing up stuff that was collected and put into the flat with such hope has not been fun. There still have been some higher points in the last couple of weeks: the kindness, love and support of friends and colleagues, all the delights of London, from tasty dinners at Moro to highly diverting shops, and the beautiful September weather that convinces me something quite wonderful might be just around the corner.

Today I visited the London Art Book fair at the Whitechapel, which was full of inspiring volumes varying from the most deluxe editions to simple handmade books. It was there I spotted this print, one of the Whitechapel's limited edition collection. It's by Donald Urquhart. As I wandered round, feeling generally a bit sorry for myself, it was a reminder that no-one can quite do melodrama as well as the Shangri-Las.

One week left in the flat, then I'm embracing one of a break-ups biggest cliches - I'm taking myself off on a yoga holiday. Sunshine, sea and inner peace, I can't wait.


  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear of your recent troubles --I'm glad you've got a good network of friends and a relaxing holiday planned though :)

  2. It doesn't SOUND like a cliche, it sounds like you are finding a space for spiritual growth and healing. I am so sorry to hear you're going through this and while this sucks don't fret. There is more sunshine around the corner. From one break-up veteran to a friend, here's looking at you, Kid.

  3. oh i'm so sorry to hear that :( i remember meeting you both at the domestic sluts party earlier this year. i hope you're alright xxx

  4. Really sorry to hear this. The holiday sounds marvellous and exactly what you need xx


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