Monday, 6 June 2011

Last-Year buy: Eley Kishimoto top

Working in Knightsbridge/South Kensington is quite a funny experience. It's utterly hopeless if you find your self needing something simple (read cheap) like a safety pin or a light bulb? Elaborate dream teas, Scandinavian design classics, multi-hundred pound dresses are much more on the agenda - though sadly not in my budget. Another bonus for the less than minted is the presence of some very good charity shops. Some of my wardrobe favourites have been plucked from the hangers in Octavia and Cancer Research: a red Russell and Bromley bag, a heavy black cardigan from J Crew with gorgeous buttons, a navy winter dress of unknown make that fits me perfectly, an early edition of Osbert Lancaster's Homes Sweets Home. The thrill of discovering something while innocently out for your sandwich makes it even more worthwhile.

Which brings me to today's purchase, this rather sweet cotton summer top from Eley Kishimoto. A flattering square neck and some cute sleeves to cover my fledgling bingo wings. All for just £15 (okay, not bargain bucket but this is Knightsbridge charity shop shopping after all). I plan on wearing it with my high waisted trousers for all of the summer.

Starting tomorrow. I'm heading over to Chichester to see the Robin and Lucienne Day exhibition at Pallant House. I feel Lucienne would be pleased to see me wearing a fab, original fabric print.

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