Sunday, 1 June 2014

Burberry Does Bloomsbury

When I wrote about visiting Charleston earlier this week, I hadn't realised the house had been the inspiration behind Burberry's autumn/winter 2014 collection. To echo the style of the house, the collection featured hand-painted everything: coats, scarves, shoes and the rather wonderful 'Bloomsbury bag' shown above, which probably would be mine if it wasn't £2,495.

Well, Burberry been putting their money where their mouth is too. The company is also now patrons of Charleston: a rare British example of a fashion house playing the cultural game, compared to the Italian and French fashion houses.

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  1. I love the reference, and I loved the house, but I don't like these designs at all.

    1. No? What is it you don't like? There's quite a lot of different designs to pick from - or is it the contrast between the brush stroke and the objects chosen?

    2. I just think it's a really, really ugly print.


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