Friday, 15 November 2013

Last-Week Links: 15 November 2013

Wah, how is it Friday again? I've not got around to writing about all the things I want to - such as how I've been reading A.L.T. and The Powers Girls, and I've not even managed to mention how much I enjoyed the Teenage film (I really did, it's fabulous). Still, at least I've remembered to show up here, right?

I'll ease myself back in with some pictures of some incredibly stylish ladies. Never Underdressed featured Susannah Charbin, a Londoner with a great taste in vintage who is now based in New York (as if you couldn't guess from that shot!).

Another New Yorker, Sally Singer, was photographed for The Coveteur in her flat in the legendary Chelsea Hotel (for more New York legends, do read the beautiful Patti Smith piece on Lou Reed, if you haven't already.)

Not NY this shot, but LA. Brad Elterman took some great pictures of rock stars visiting the city in the late 70s and early 80s, including Bowie, Dylan, The Beatles. Here's Debbie Harry, looking as sexy as ever (via Please Kill Me). For a twenty-first century take on life on the road, check out Bob Hardy of Franz Ferdinand's selfies with books. And here's a really interesting interview with Nick Knight about the changes in photography brought about by instagram and the like.

Dan Marbaix's photographs of abandoned buildings are really rather wonderful. I'm a bit in love with the wallpaper above. Messy Nessy Chic shared photos of America's 'secret' and now abandoned city, Oak Ridge.

Moving onto high fashion, I want to read this new book that hopefully sheds some light on the mysterious life of Jean Patou, new book. Meanwhile, his rival, Chanel, continues to flourish, and prop up some of the traditions of haute couture according to this article on preserving traditional artisan workshops. Accounts of British couture are less well publicised so I really enjoyed reading the first part of a fascinating 1952 article on British couture, scanned in at Vintage Chic. Finally, here's the story of the original Miss Dior (she's more interesting than Natalie Portman).

Style Bubble shared some contemporary Japanese craftsmanship with these gorgeous PVC and lucite bags by Mame.

And Prada and Wes Anderson teaming up can't be anything but happy can it? Especially if it involves spaghetti.

Have a great weekend - I'm going to immerse myself in the world of Pop at the Barbican amongst other leisurely delights.

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