Wednesday, 10 March 2010

So Last-Year: Songs in the Key of London

Despite this rather sniffy review in the Telegraph, I had a lovely time at Songs in the Key of London last night. Although I did have to sit through some Jools Holland and Phil Daniels doing his best diamond geezer impression and hauling his beer belly around to Parklife, there were some really beautiful moments, not to mention the excitement of the Elvis Costello guest spot.

Here's Robyn Hitchcock's Trams of Old London:

And here's The Pogues' Rainy Night in Soho, which was beautifully covered by Tunng on the evening and brought a tear to the eye. Measure of my dreams indeed.

And finally, here's my second Elvis in a fortnight, singing (a long time ago) Man Out of Time, which on the night was beautifully covered by Blaine Harrison of the Mystery Jets. Harrison also took on ELO's Last Train to London - and won.

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