Friday, 18 October 2013

Last-Week Links: 18 October 2013

Hello, happy Friday! I hope you've had a good week. Lots of good things I want to share today, so I'll just crack on. 

I'm curious about the Fashion and Textile Museum's new Fiction in Fashion display, but I wonder if has anything to say for itself other than simply being a collection of bestsellers from the last few decades? I will have to go and decide. In the meantime, it inspired this great fictional fashion icon article in the Telegraph. Yes, Milly-Molly-Mandy! I remembered being so pleased to find a heroine with hair like mine growing up (and I'm sure it's inspired many sub-conscious hair decisions too). And - of course! - Anne and her longing for puffed sleeves. 

More heroines and heroes in BBC History's 'best dressed Briton' of all time poll. I think 'experts' nominated the top ten before readers voted, or else the general British public's taste in icons (Beau Brummell, Georgiana Canvendish, Anne Messel, as well as David Bowie) is a lot more sophisticated than we're generally led to believe. 

Talking of good dressers, Calivintage led me to discover the amazing, and French, style of Lady Moriaty. Fab.

And A Beautiful Mess featured the gorgeous home of another favourite blogger, Candy Pop.

Lots of fashion inspiration from previous decades too, whether it's the Spring/Summer collection of Colenimo, this season based around the silent film star sisters Norma, Constance and Natalie Talmadge (via Honey Kennedy)...

... or some first hand 40s fashion, as seen in this Life article about a New York 'career girl'.

Here's some great outfits from the Four Aces club in Dalston - What We Wore has the story of the club which is the subject of a new documentary.

Fast forward to the 1980s, and someone has bothered to scan in the first issue of Just Seventeen, from 13 October 1983, via magculture. I had a moment when I thought Culture Club had their own range in Boots (well, Adam Ant had his own makeup range, so why not?), but sadly it's just a reminder that Boots used to sell records as well as toiletries.

The nineties, meanwhile, are well represented by G.V.G.V's new Clueless collection, as highlighted on Style Bubble. Ideally, I'd sign off with a song from Clueless but - oh look - I did that last week. Instead, I'll just wish you farewell and a lovely weekend. Enjoy.

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