Friday, 11 October 2013

Last-Week Links: 11 October 2013

It's Friday, it's actually pretty late on a Friday. One week I hope to be able to start one of these posts without commenting on how quickly the week has flown by. Till then I'll just crack on with the usual kind of links. The first, again quite predictably, is Teenage-related (I finally get to see the film on Sunday). Their blog featured interviews with some of the girls who featured in Ken Russell's well known 1955 photographs of teddy girls.

Researcher Eve Dawoud has captured some great stories from the women, and information on how they created their incredible style. I mean, look at the high collar and very proper umbrella, the heavy coat and then those sandals in the image above - amazing! And, of course, they remember every single detail of what they wore. Grace Living, one of the women interviewed, recalls:

"I remember buying a blouse for £4.99 which came with a little cameo brooch with it. I had black pencil skirts and black trousers too. I also had a shawl-collared jacket, mine was black with a yellow trim, drainpipe trousers, little ballet pumps, a clutch and clip on circle earrings. I used to make and customise things, stitch a rose onto a blouse or cover a clutch bag in a fabric to match your earrings. I’d paint my earrings with nail varnish to have them match your outfit. Clutch bags were an essential and they were cheap and cheerful. The ballet pumps were velveteen not leather."

Just perfect. For a slightly later take on the minutiae of British life, I really want to see Tony Rae Jones's photographs at the Science Museum's new media space, while the always interesting Guardian Invisible Woman blog took a trip to the 1970s and Northern Soul.

It was through the Guardian and a piece on women in trousers in fiction, I discovered my latest favourite blog: Clothes in Books. I lost my Monday evening to revisiting Noel Streatfeild and Dodie Smith classics (as crops up in my 1930s modelling post), but have enjoyed more recent posts on Bridget Jones and Beautiful Ruins every bit as much. I can tell this is not going to help my already semi-ruinous book buying habit.

And talking of which, here's some lovely new glossy fashion books to coo over. I always like a skim through the offerings of a Kerry Taylor auction, and I'd very much like to have a skim through her new Vintage Fashion & Couture book too.

Another person previously mentioned in this blog, Shona Heath, was the subject of an interesting feature in the Telegraph. As were Betty Halbreich and Lena Dunham. Dunham is doing a comedy on Halbreich apparently - this pair already sounds comedy.

I hope the resultant film includes a make-over. I do love a make-over montage. As does Never Undressed, as shown by this impressive gallery. I'm sad they obviously couldn't find the exact Clueless clip, so here's the Jill Sobule 'Supermodel' video instead.

So beautiful... have a lovely weekend!

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