Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Musically-themed wish list: Christmas Wrapping

Okay, confession time. This is less a collection of things I want and more about being able to link to one of my favourite Christmas songs (and one I was no doubt yelling into the microphone at karaoke box last night). Without further ado, I think it's time to beckon in some:

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas wrapping

Essentially this is a collection of lots of bows - the prettiest finishing touch on any present, and most dresses too. Emma Cook's print wrap dress is probably closest you can get to actually gift-wrapping yourself - I'd love to wear it with these black tie shoes. A less OTT use of a bow is on this very chic lace dress. Wear with a glittery bow coin purse to avoid taking yourself as seriously as the model seems to do. Then add the bling, whether in the form of this 80s original or this chunky chain necklace.

Take a bow, the Waitresses!
(to awesome home-grown light effects)

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