Monday, 24 December 2012

Do You Remember the 90s?

I certainly do - and so does my bedroom.

I'm back in my parents house, in my old teenage bedroom for the Christmas holidays. It's like a shrine to the 1990s: pine furniture meets the set of a Channel 4 youff show meets general teenageness. Two tees pulled out from my chest-of-drawers (skinny rib naturally, the indie female's default choice): Babybird and a powder blue number decorated with some plastic toys encased in a plastic glitter heart. I have, of course, tried both of these on.

More terrifying is this folder, covered with Just 17 stickers, showing the heart-throbs of my teenage years: Jared, Ewan, Leo and, uh, Dean Cain. On the flip side is a list of both 'Cool Things' and 'Crap Things'. Put together by me and my mates, there are some things which I utterly stand by (Cool = Bill and Ted, The Divine Comedy; Crap = Marti Pellow's haircut, Jimmy Nail, 18 years of Tory government), and some of which really don't seem that thrilling (Purple lipsticks, being posh) or galling (fluffy rabbits(?), fish curry) some 15 years on.

I'd forgotten the trend for inflatables until I found this little mirror, and oddly shaped picture frames too. The photo in the frame is me and a couple of friends heading out post A Levels. I'm wearing a velvet vest top, a wrapover skirt. If I remember correctly, I was wearing velvet platform mules too. Clearly velvet was as much of a 'thing' in the 90s (well for me anyway) as inflatables. Note the requisite fairy lights in the background.

More period lighting. A glitter lava lamp and a revolving disco light - all you need when dancing around your room to SL2 and similar.

Though the most worrying thing I've found is this cushion. Seemingly innocent till you realise this pattern is being re-pedalled to the kids of today by the likes of ASOS and River Island. Aztec? Nah, classic 90s Grimsby vintage. They'll be taking inspiration from my celestially-patterned curtains next.

Oh, wait.


  1. Hehe i think i'd find similar things in my old bedroom. I did have a lava lamp and I used to love Just 17 and the stickers that came with it.

    1. Lava lamps are due for a revival soon surely? And how I miss Just 17's stickers and those quizzes!


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