Thursday, 2 August 2012

Last-Week Girl: 29 July (a bit late)

A slightly later catch-up than usual, due to the fact my usual day of my write-up coincided with my birthday. This week was pretty monumental in more ways than one, as the Twin Peaks trio - me, my old flatmate and Robo-H - got together to watch the final episode together. Well ... I didn't see that coming, and I'm pleased (though sad for characters like Audrey or Norma) that everything didn't tie together neatly.

And then my birthday. As an outing, I went to the Troubadour for the first time on Friday night which was as atmospheric as I thought it would be, before returning home to sniffle my way through a recording the opening ceremony. Saturday was spent at other people's birthday's - this chart has never seemed truer. And then for Sunday, my actual birthday, I held 'Birthflatwarmday', a bit of a birthday bash, a bit of a flat warm and really an excuse to eat cake and cheese in the company of lovely people. An angst free way to turn another year older.

My last birthday seems like more than a year ago now. It's been a full-on year. One serious relationship ended and I subsequently had to move flat three times which is up there on my sucky scale. Some great stuff happened too: I'm now in my own flat and in an exciting new relationship. I've been to Amsterdam, Turkey, Dublin and Copenhagen, I've contributed to a book and I've made some fantastic new friends, I've taken classes in clothes-making and screen-printing and  I've watched the entire series of Twin Peaks. I've ended the year feeling all-round-happy really. Which is all any birthday girl could wish for.

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