Sunday, 6 May 2012

So Last-Year: Peter Stults film posters

Long time no write etc, etc. I've been in a strange state of limbo recently for various tedious reasons and, for once, looking at pretty clothes and stylish ladies hasn't seemed to work as a distraction. For work though, I've been having to look at lots of pictures of stars from the golden era of Hollywood (my life is so hard, I know) and have spent a lot of time wondering why today's equivalents don't seem so beautiful, witty or, well, as golden really.

Perhaps that's why this collection from Peter Stults actually made me want to sit down at my computer and share them with someone. They're remakes of twenty-first century film posters in the style and with the stars of yesteryear. They're also very reasonable, only £20.30 each from Colette.

I seem to know a lot of people obsessed with Drive at the moment. That would translate pretty well to the 50s I think and I'd definitely pick Dean over Gosling.

If I'd buy one of the designs, it would probably be this Rushmore reworking: partly because it's my favourite film out of the selection and partly because it features my second favourite Audrey.

Ken Russell does The Big Lebowski with Zappa, Bowie and Pop? The mind boggles.

See the full range of eight designs here


  1. Have noticed you haven't blogged / tweeted much recently; hope all's ok, Frances? :(

  2. Oh hi Kat, that's very sweet of you to check in. I am okay but not really sure why I haven't been so active recently. My best explanation is that I've been waiting for months for my flat sale to go through and its put me in some strange kind of limbo with the rest of my life. Hopefully that's now happening very soon and I'll feel like I can get on with the rest of my life - and blogging - again!


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