Saturday, 15 October 2011

So Last-Year: Broadwalk Empire event

I'm back in the UK after my yoga holiday, which delivered on everything I thought it would and more. It's quite disappointing not to be sleeping in a yurt anymore. You can read all about the fabulous place I stayed in over on Domestic Sluttery. The week before going was ever so slightly mental, packing up all my stuff and moving into a friend's room. One break from the boxes though was a evening out to celebrate the launch of the new series of Broadwalk Empire. I was invited on behalf of Retro To Go and all the bloggers were really given the star treatment, being dressed and styled in classic 1930s style. Here's what they put me in:

Full length, strapless and sleeveless - not my usual style at all, but I really enjoyed wearing it (and bonus points for reading on this blog that I didn't like my arms and therefore giving me the shawl). Playing with this style so removed from my 1950s norm, I spent a lot of time trying to perfect my silent movie star look.

... though the silence could never last for too long before I would collapse into peels of laughter.

I was joined for the event by my friends Vicki and Tia who both made an impressive job of styling themselves for the occasion.

Alas, come midnight like a prohibition cinderella, the gown and the glitter had to come off and I had to return to the boxes. We agreed the combination of glitter, cocktails and jazz was the way ahead ... or should that be the way back ... ?

While I was away I read the engrossing The Beautiful Fall, all about Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld in Paris in the 1970s. The book discussed that era's own obsession with Art Deco style and so, in 2011, it's interesting to see jazz era style, filtered through the looks of the seventies coming back into fashion again.


  1. You look amazing! I'm yet to start on Boardwalk Empire, but this post has convinced me to nudge it up a few places on the To Watch list.

    Just read your post on DS too; sounds like you had a very relaxing stay. Quite envious, actually!

  2. You guys look seriously awesome. Loving the sexy sparkles! Glad to hear the holiday bought you a measure of quietude. Have been thinking of you and glad that everything is going forward. Keep your chin up lovvie.
    *Big hugs*

  3. Thanks for the nice comments ladies. The Broadwalk Empire look was a nice injection of glamour just when it was needed. And, having previously devoted myself to Mad Men, I think I need to invest some proper time in the series too.
    Would totally recommend the holiday for anyone needing any degree of space and peace ... and some really tasty food!

  4. You look great! I, too, have been meaning to get going on Boardwalk Empire and now it's right at the top of my list. I love the late 20s-30s and think they are to me (in my mind, at least) what the 50s are to you... bliss!


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