Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Spanish feast

Mr S was away in Finland playing football this past weekend and I thought I'd use the opportunity to entertain chez Last-Year. I'm not the most skilled cook but writing for Domestic Sluttery has given me the confidence to at least have a bash. There was a (very) loose Spanish theme to the evening with lots of Rioja wine to wash over my mistakes!

We had a feast that included Paprika potatoes (possibly my new favourite recipe).

Some homemade soda bread - that well-known product of Spain! - made using the recipe I learnt with bread baking in Bedruthan.

A lovely sticky ham. With a side order of chorizo.

And some juicy catalan spinach.

We finished the evening with some creamy, Spanish-style desserts courtesy of my pal Layla.

I was very full and merry by the end of the evening.

Thanks Vicki for the pictures and Vicki, Layla and Rachael for the excellent random chat - as always. 


  1. Stop successfully making hams. It's not fair.

  2. The success is entirely down to someone's excellent recipe!


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