Wednesday, 12 January 2011

So Last-Year: Sew for Victory

I'd seen the World War II posters telling people to dig for victory but never to sew for victory.

It's an American poster, designed by Pistchal in 1941, designed to encourage women utilize their sewing skills to help with the war effort.

No such a vital imperative for me, but sewing did feature quite prominently in my 30 before 31 goal list. There it is at number 3 - learn to master a sewing machine - and (slightly more ambitious) at number 27 - attempt to make my own clothing designs. Baby steps taken towards those goals this week then with the long awaited arrival of my sewing machine and a copy of Yeah, I made it myself for inspiration. I've a feeling it might take a bit more effort before I reach either goal. When I do though, it will be my own small personal victory.

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