Thursday, 9 December 2010

Last-Year Party: the 50s

Phew - after all that heavy-ish stuff, I'd like lighten the mood a little. In case it had escaped your notice, it's the season of parties and sequins and twinkling and all sorts of festive joy. I've put together a few possible party outfits for you - a mixture of the vintage and the contemporary - and roughly inspired by different eras. Let's start in one of my favourite periods for stylistic inspiration, the Fifties.

A lovely contemporary dress from Topshop that balances that ladylike look with a sense of fun very well. Though you can't tell from the image, the top is actually patterned with navy blue flowers, not black. And how much fun would it be to spin around in that tulle skirt? This costs £95.

Draw out the blue shades of the dress and give yourself a bit of an edge with this 1950s cocktail hat from Love Miss Daisy Vintage. It's £20.

Jewellery fans can add some festive sparkle with these $9 earrings, from 1stlovepurses  on Etsy.

Add these pumps, £80 from Kurt Geiger at ASOS. The low size heel is perfect for dancing the night away in comfort and the wood gives the classic style a nice contemporary twist.

Finally, pop your lipstick, powder and compact in this cute clutch bag from Seamsclassic, for $20 on Etsy. You're ready to rock around the clock, '50s style!


  1. It's fab isn't it? Betty Draper on top, Cyndi Lauper on the bottom. Goodness, that would make for one crazy lady!


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