Monday, 12 April 2010

So Last-Year: Summer Camp

I've got a new musical obsession, Summer Camp. I'd heard the single Ghost Train a couple of times on the radio and it was one of those 'stop what you are doing and try and remember the name of this artist' moments. Woozy girl vocals, a bit fuzzed up, some teenage-ish emotions - I was hooked.

Just the 70s style, Lula-esque shot used on this video is enough to excite me but last Thursday I got to see them in the flesh at their first official gig at the Lexington. And they didn't let my hopes down. The band is made up of Jeremy Warmsley plus a beautifully immaculate female singer, Elizabeth. She looked amazingly assured as she crooned their lovely songs of yearning and heartache. There was a sweet nostalgic feel to the whole thing, like their songs should have been on the soundtrack to a great lost 80s teen classic. The whole set must have only lasted 30 minutes but sent the audience humming melodies out into the night.

Contender for soundtrack to summer 2010.

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