Wednesday, 31 March 2010

So Last-Year: Sinha Stanic playsuit from Oli

I can't say I've ever bought everything from Oli. And I'm deliberately trying to cut down on the amount of new stuff I try and buy at the moment...which unfortunately seems to be having the effect of making me run into Topshop and buy mountains of rubbish. I am on Oli's newsletter though. And this floral playsuit from their collaboration with Sinha Stanic caught my eye and immediately found itself in my file labelled 'dream summertime wardrobe' (sorry, it's a rubbish pic).

It breaks so many of my fashion rules - there's no sleeves, it's floral and, ouch, an elasticated waist - but somehow I still love it. Thankfully it's made from cotton and it's one of those outfits I always picture myself wearing skipping around in a field over a mythical English summer. £60 though! It's such a weeny bit of fabric.

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