Monday, 27 January 2014

Last-Year Buys: Alice's Pig, Miss Patina and VV Vintage

Not just a chance to look at my overflowing bookcase, here are a few of the things that have found their way into my wardrobe so far this year/month. (You wouldn't be able to guess I'm trying to cut down on how much stuff I accumulate, would you?)

While I managed to resist most of the sales this year, I had to take a peek at VV Vintage's £30 sale. This top barely scrapes into my definition of vintage being, I'm guessing, early 90s at the very earliest. But I was seemingly unable to pass on its combination of denim, embroidery all topped off with a velvet collar, which are all the things I seem to be liking at the moment.

I discovered Brixton-based Alice's Pig through a post by Sian on Domestic Sluttery, and found myself buying the entire combination above - Clara Bow does Burns Night as I described it on Saturday (in case you have any doubt, that's definitely a good thing).

And, after I wrote about them for Domestic Sluttery, Miss Patina were kind enough to send me their Hampton dress. It is beautiful in the flesh, and I'm definitely planning on accessorising with book and glasses, a la the model above. They're also a south London-based company and one of the things I love best about working for Domestic Sluttery is being able to support and promote these independent brands. Go and explore them for yourself - there's lots more pretty things to look at.

Have you made any good new clothing discoveries recently?

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