Friday, 17 January 2014

Last-Week Links: 17 January 2014

Good evening, how has your week been? Have you been stocking up on check shirts and excellent knitwear? My last post suggested we should all dress like a sub-deb for Spring 2014 and - appropriately - the Teenage blog did an entire feature on these pre-the-age-of-teen tribes, again thanks to the Life archive. It was in the Teenage book I first heard the term sub-deb, and they feature in the Teenage film too (its full UK release is 24 Jan). Read the piece to find more about the JILTS, JERKS and SWARMI (and to plan your spring wardrobe, obviously).

Sometimes I think this weekly post should be called Last-Week's Life, because there's always a couple of great posts out there based around their archive. Such as their collection of photographs of Gypsy Rose Lee - this picture of her dates to 1949. The whole collection is evocative of what life was like on a travelling carnival at that time. Honey Kennedy also featured Life's fab 1940s pictures of ornate perfume bottles - it's that bamboo shop fitting in the final picture that really makes me marvel.

Do you ever read Port? It's quite a smart men's magazine but their newsletter always contains something interesting. This week's had a glimpse behind the scenes at historic wallpaper company Cole & Son, and an insight into the pattern above, taken from the Carven Menswear autumn/winter 2014 collection: tattoos and street art as glimpsed in the photography of Brassai apparently.

Shortlist have said these are the 25 most stylish men in literature. Do you agree? Although Ignatius J. Reilly is probably one of the most memorably dressed book characters, I don't think he can count - even with 'hipster' logic.

If you watched the drama about the Great Train Robbery over Christmas, you'll remember the controversy that surrounded the posters appealing to the public for their help. Such is the notoriety of this particular case, this poster is going up for auction with a £5000-£6000 estimate. Not quite 2.6 million, but a lot less risky.

[Obligatory Girls link:] masses of press, you'll have seen it all - from Vogue to the Sunday Times. I've not seen a single episode of the new season but still I enjoyed a glimpse into the show's wardrobe (though we probably don't need to see this yellow mesh vest ever again).

I signed off last week's Last-Week's Links hoping for some 1940s fashions in the current stage adaptation of Strangers On a Train. Instead, the costumes seemed to have been drawn from every decade from the 1920s to the 50s. It was so strange, I felt like it must be deliberate - I just couldn't work out why and it became a huge distraction for me. Oh well, there's my theatrical review over. I'm going to see American Hustle this weekend - this time, I'm pretty sure that means I'm going to see some full-on seventies style. Fun.

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