Friday, 20 September 2013

Last-Week Links: 20 September 2013

I'm feeling a little light on the link inspiration this week - all the hype of the fashion and design week makes me less interested somehow. However, I've enjoyed plenty of off-line reading matter: the new issue of The Gentlewoman, which is always exiting, I've also bought Cosmo's big and glossy fashion spin-off, while I'm awaiting 'The Fashion' from the Guardian this weekend. No wonder my recycling bin is always full!

A few bits I did manage to pick up around London Fashion Week though, include Suzy M's round-up of the best of the shows and - of all the hundreds and thousands of street style shots circulating on the internet - I think the one above, shot by The Sartorialist is possibly my favourite. Mainly because all the things she's wearing didn't obviously cost mega money. Partly because I have all the things she owns, plus a good fringe and red lipstick and I am indulging in a fantasy that this could have been me.

Meanwhile, Tom Ford knows how to give good quote, as ever, and the Mademoiselle C documentary sounds brilliantly, bonkersly 'fashion'. As an alternative to the mainstream merry-go-round, Charlie Porter's interview with Fiona Cartledge of Sign of The Times is great.

Sweet Jane shared some wonderful Antonio Lopez illustrations this week, taken from Intro magazine September 1967. I love how words of fashion editorial are used within the illustration - perfect autumn style inspiration. In this month's vintage column for Domestic Sluttery I also celebrated the joys of coats and belts with looks inspired by perennial fashion reference Love Story.

Honey Kennedy shared a new skirt pattern, the Zinnia, which has just reminded me I need to finish my last Colette skirt pattern ...

... while Miss Moss shared these images of Princess Margaret on a tour of the Commonwealth in 1956 wearing a fabulous Horrockses dress. I'd seen a similar picture in black and white in the Horrockses Fashions book but never in gorgeous colour. Her accessories look pretty snazzy too.

Onto the weekend. It looks like I've going to be doing some weekend reading but I also hope to do some exploring as part of Open House weekend. Fingers crossed for some brighter weather. Have a lovely weekend too.

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