Friday, 13 September 2013

Last-Week Links: 13 September 2013

Hello little space, it's good to see you again. I haven't meant to neglect this blog, I've just been working REALLY hard. I disappeared for a break in Berlin too. Still, in my head it's the start of a new term and I've vowed to pull my socks up a bit on the blogging front.

I actually don't really have a clue what's going on at the moment. Fashion weeks and design weeks and September are all whizzing by at the moment - explanation for the fact that some of my links are really old. And not very cohesive either. Forewarned enough? Okay, let's begin.

Far, far, far more interesting than the fact I've remembered to post is the news that Nadinoo are back, and have released a typically gorgeous collection that includes the dress above. I still get nice comments every time I wear my Tweety dress, so I'm sure these will all be well-while investments, especially on the all-important compliments per wear ratio.

While I'm being a bit oblivious to all the fashion weeks (it's far more fun to wait for the latest edition of Elle Collections), I did swoon a little over this Michael Kors dress, dubbed by Vogue as "the single most desired dress of New York Fashion Week". But, as the text points out, it's basically a reworked vintage dress, something I already have far too many of already. Never mind, it's still jolly lovely.

After last season's Advanced Style shoot, Karen Walker is - literally - taking it to the kids for her new campaign. It's utterly adorable, though some of the children look far too cool for school.

There are a couple of things which might stir me into leaving my sofa over the coming weeks. The first is God's Own Junkyard - Chris Bracey's collection of neon wonders - which is being forced to move from its Walthamstow premises. It's open to the public until the 22 September. Then there's the new Saint Etienne project, a wonderful-sounds film about London from 1950 to 1980 that will be shown at the BFI in October. The last corner of this cultural triangle is the ICA's A Journey Through London Subcultures show, taking place at the Old Selfridges Hotel. Charlie Porter gave an intriguing preview on his blog.

Club cultures of another era were published as an intriguing set of photographs called simply 'jazz clubs and musicians, c.1948' on Retronaut. Anyone know any more details about these images?

Finally another of my favourite vintage photographs for this week is this one of 'Washington Tidal Basin Beauty' 1922, Eva Fridell, featured as part of Teenage's round-up of beauty queens it has previously featured on the blog.

With that selection of links, I can feel the excitement about the books, clothes and cultural fun to be had over Autumn creeping back into my bones - that definitely feels better! And I'm also pleased to reveal the previously announced binge watch of season two of Girls will be taking place this coming Sunday. Good things all round.

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