Monday, 2 September 2013

August on Last-Year Girl and Last-Week Links: 30 August 2013

It's the end of another week, and another month, and apparently the summer too. It's that weird time of the year when I don't quite want summer to be over, but I'm already getting excited about the new school year promise of coats and tights and jumpers starting to fill up the shops. While I'm still able to get my bare legs out, I've still got one eye on the vintage tips for summer city style. I'm not quite ready to cavort in a cafe in my bathing suit. The wonderful photograph above is taken from an exhibition that sounds like it would be right up my (well-dressed) street, Parisienne en Été: photographs of women in Paris from 1880 up to 1960.

While the weather still might be saying swimsuit, my mind is definitely saying sweater. This marvellous cardigan is from the autumn/winter collection from Vivetta which is filled with Schiaparelli-esque motifs such as bows, hands and lips used on contemporary silhouettes. It's surreally stylish (via Calivintage).

I think the influence of Schiaparelli can also be seen in the brilliant print designs of Holly Fulton - just take a look at this lipstick print, as included in Refinery 29's interview and tour of her studio.

I had a bit of a Peckham rant a few weeks ago. Proof that the area is now at least cooler than me is Kit Neale's spring/summer 2014 collection (via Below The River). There's even a sweatshirt honouring Rye Lane's Perfect Fried Chicken.

And I'm sure you're all sick to death of me going on about turbans by now. Listen instead to Never Underdressed and have a flick through their image gallery, including Kate Moss shown in Marc Jacobs back in 2009.

What's my next fashion obsession after turbans? I'm sure it's out in the ether already, waiting for me to click onto it and claim it as my own discovery when hundreds/thousands are doing the same things. This NY Times article on the science versus the instinct of fashion forecasting is interesting stuff.

Looking into my own future, what would be something useful I can learn right now in 10 minutes that would be useful for the rest of my life? There's some brilliantly answers to this very question shared on Quora (via Bridges and Balloons). Lena Durham's letter to Time Out's sex advice columnist is another question honoured with a great answer.

It's slightly unwieldy in length and could have done with some editing but there are some good quotes in this Fashion in Literature gallery (I'm clearly just jealous of whoever got the fun task of putting it together). The extended version of this Stella Gibbons quote is up there with my favourites. And, to finish, there's some more excellent quotes from literature with some twenty-first century applications in The Toast's The Quotable Jane Austen for Evil People.

And it's the end of the month! Well, it's actually now 2 September but I've been trying to run with the pretence I actually posted this on Friday. So, while I'd normally wish you a happy Friday, I actually mean a happy Monday. I hope your week is every bit as fun as your weekend.


* It was my birthday! I celebrated with a trip to the seaside and some stomping new shoes.

* I shared advice given to aspiring models in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and today.

* I was once again charmed by Lilly Daché, thanks to her lively 1940s biography, Talking Through My Hats.

* I ventured to Bourne in Lincolnshire, to the birthplace of Charles Frederick Worth. Closer to home, explorations in East Dulwich, rewarded me with a floral 40s skirt from ChiChiRaRa, and a brilliant book about the legendary magazine, Nova.

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