Friday, 19 April 2013

Last-Week Links: 19 April 2013

Whether it was something in the water, or the winds of change blowing round the place, or some other time-worn cliche, this week definitely felt like it was filled with exciting new ventures. Designer Stefi Orazi (who I often write about for Retro To Go) launched Modernist Estates - property porn for people who get off on the modular system - and *cough* I launched my own Etsy book store. I also learnt about Anywhen, from the team behind the all-conquering Retronaut. Its aim is to "see, show and share" memories from the past, and the result is something like what would happen if Pinterest raided your family photo albums. Needless to say, it's completely addictive. Lots of the images are taken from magazines like Time or National Geographic but there are some great personal collections too containing things like the image at the top of this post, dating to 1945 and showing some lovely women putting their best foot forward.

The Schiaparelli label is embarking on a new venture too. This week it was announced Christian Lacroix would be designing a one-off couture collection of 15 items "honouring the legacy of Elsa Schiaparelli". In the middle of the excitement, Vanessa Friedman took a view at the possible long term impact of this approach and the brand's mission to reposition itself for the twenty-first century.

The tail-end of the nineteenth-century meets the twenty-first century in this photo-montage by Alex Knights, posted on the Londonist. It shows the might of the original crystal palace - using a photo thought to have been taken by Emile Zola - looming large over the local Upper Norwood skyline. And, what I like about it even more is that it features my old flat (the white one on the  corner on the right). A little shiver ran down my spine when I saw it. Time Out played similar photography tricks this week, juxtaposing images of old and new Soho.

Now time for something completely new (with a little bit of a vintage flavour of course). As ever, Calivintage seems to find exactly the new clothing collections I want to make my very own. The above images are from the wonderful look book of Tata Naka. I can't help feeling Ms Audrey Horne may have had something of an influence on this.

Mrs Pomeranz's latest collection, meanwhile, is full of bright and fun updates on the 50s silhouette, and makes me long for bare legs and adventures (in that order).

In search of adventures, perhaps another seaside trip is in order. Take Courage featured a gorgeous round-up of antique and vintage shopping in the Hastings area, including some of the shops I discovered on my St Leonards outing earlier in the year.

For an even bigger adventure, I'd love to pay a visit to the Ox-Bow Summer Art School in Saugatuck, Michigan. Miss Moss shared these photographs, taken by Wallace Kirkland for Life in 1948. The photos,  filled with fresh faced girls dressed in white skirts, rolled up jeans and bare feet hanging out, painting and drawing, look completely heavenly. And the blissful quality of the photographs are backed up by the comments left on the post by former students of the Ox-Bow art school reminiscing about their time there. The school is still open! Let's go!

In the true spirit of adventure, I'm bringing along some Anne of Green Gables raspberry cordial, to be made thanks to the wonderful recipe on The History Kitchen, found via clever old Frankie. Hick!

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