Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Last-Year Buy: Topshop pinafore dress and H&M fluro strips

I've spent the last two weekends mucking about with ink and fabrics on a printed textiles taster course at the Mary Ward Centre. I've made some things I'm very pleased with and I've made some things ... well, enough to convince me I'm not the next Mary Katrantzou.

My biggest disappointment was my major project from the weekend. Inspired by the beautiful Birtwell dress I wrote about on Friday, I wanted to go pattern crazy and ran down to H&M in my lunch break to pick up a fluro stripy top to work my 'magic' on. All I can say about the experiment is that - despite what I'd always believed - silver metallic ink is not my friend.

It's almost as if I knew what a disaster it was going to be before I started. For on the same trip up Brompton Road, I found myself in Topshop buying a pinafore dress. Turns out the dress offers  enough coverage to hide my printing woes on the front while its cross-over straps let the bright and unblemished arms and back of the top be shown off in their full-on glorious glow. The pinafore works pretty well with the rest of my wardrobe too and, since its purchase, has barely been taken off. It's perfect for running around in, and for channelling your inner Constructivist worker. Though I've got a long, long way to go before I can give Lyubov Popova a run for her money...

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