Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Last-Year Buy: Pretty vintage cotton dresses

With the crazy temperatures this weekend, I was doing my best to convince myself I was doing anything but shuffling round busy, grimy London streets, desperately clinging to an iced coffee. My default wardrobe choice for hot weather is a cotton dress, so I can pretend I'm swanning around the Mediterranean as a 1950s starlet, or at least the English countryside, Laura Ashley style ... which is how I ended up with these two new (to me) dresses.

They come from a shop I think is called (it's not exactly clear) the London vintage store on Holloway round. The first dress, shown at the top of the post, reminds me a bit of my Nadinoo Tweety dress, and is a similar knee-length with a bottom-up top. The patterns is of pretty brown, yellow and turquoise roses (more roses!) and I hope will do me through the rest of summer and into autumn. It offers some pretty exciting coloured tights prospects.

This second dress is slightly bonkers. I adored it in the shop and now, from within the safety of my flat, I'm not so sure. In case you can't tell, it is a dress, with a flesh coloured panel above the waist, not a cropped top and skirt. I've always wanted to give vintage-style crop tops ago but have always been a bit scared, so that's probably why this appealed. My office is always boiling so I'm tempted to wear this into work. However, I can't help feeling it's slightly work inappropriate even though I'm entirely covered-up - what do you think? I guess it might have to wait until I finally make it to the Mediterranean in the sunshine.


  1. I really like that second dress and dont think it's work-inappropriate! :)

    1. Thank you! I might be brave try it the next time the sun shows itself again.


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