Sunday, 19 August 2012

Last-Week(s) Girl: 11 and 19 August 2012

Yep, I skipped a week. Somehow, since I decided to post every Sunday, it's turned into my most social day of the week. My excuse for last week is pretty good, however - I went to see Blur playing Hyde Park. While not quite living up to the blissful 2009 Glastonbury reunion gig, this one definitely trumped their last Hyde Park gig - the nice weather and everyone feeling jolly about the Olympics made for a much more relaxed crowd. Blur played a deliciously downbeat set too - getting the cheery crowd-pleasers out of the way relatively early on - which included both Caramel and No Distance Left To Run. Me crying? Na, something in my eye, honest. The Specials were also fantastic in the sunshine and we spent a long time debating just why Terry Hall is so attractive. No Ghost Town from them though, perhaps they felt it didn't fit in with a city basking in its Olympic glow.

More cultural Olympic gubbins in my week thanks to Jeremy Deller's Sacrilege, a giant inflatable Stonehenge which visited Crystal Palace. On a beautiful summer's day in the park, it seemed both fantastical and the most natural thing in the world to be happening.

My flat is now wallpapered which is very exciting indeed. Walking in on the finished result is probably the closest I've ever felt to being a real grown-up. Above is a design by Louise Body, and below is the hallway where I've allowed my love of roses full reign.

A couple of theatrical outings too: Swan Lake performed by the English National Ballet, which made me want to re-devour all my beloved childhood Lorna Hill Sadler's Wells books for the billionth time, and a very impressive Richard III at the Globe. It's Shakespeare's second longest play apparently, but the intrigues and high death count made the time whizz by, even when standing.

More high quality theatrics to come, I hope, next weekend as I'm heading up to Edinburgh for the closing weekend of the festival. I can't wait to smell Edinburgh's own distinctive hoppy smell again!

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