Friday, 6 July 2012

Last-Year Travels: Copenhagen

Travelling back in times to the Jubilee weekend, I left the red, white and blue bunting and cupcakes behind to escape to the slightly calmer Copenhagen. My travelling companions were massive Borgen fans; I'd simply looked at too much Danish design on the internet. We all left satisfied.

The trip was rather low on sightseeing. Instead we wandered around having a nice time and experiencing the city's amazing shopping, whether it was Rice DK, Marlene Birger or Lego, and enjoying looking at all the beautiful Danish people. Seriously, they are beautiful - they look so healthy and happy. We did joyous air punches every time anyone mistook for being Danish. We also managed a day trip to Malmo simply because we thought it was amusing that we could go on a day trip to Sweden. 

Perhaps that slightly basic sense of humour is another reason why I liked Copenhagen so much. Our handy Time Out guide informed us that the Danes like to think they are funny - I did think they were funny. The majority of my pictures from the trips were simply random things that made me snigger, whether it was the Lionel flyer at top of the post (which also made an appearance on Domestic Sluttery this week) or the men in pants models seen on the balcony of an otherwise very chic store. 

Any city that has a Twin Peaks-named bar is a winner with me.

This flat has a list of 66 reasons (some debatable) why Johnny Cash is cool, and is just one of the reasons why Copenhagen is cool. I seriously recommend a visit.

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